Visa to Indonesia Visa – current information for 2022-2023


In 2021, Indonesia does not accept tourists, but you can visit the country on a guest or work visa, as well as for those who have temporary residence.

To enter, you need confirmation of vaccination against coronavirus, the presence of a negative PCR test, and quarantine for 8 days at the hotels established by the authorities.

Features of obtaining visas

Business visas to Indonesia can be opened for up to 60 days. With such a visa, you can travel around the country, but it is unacceptable to work on it.

After obtaining a visa, entry into the country will be allowed within 90 days, and 60 days are counted from the time of arrival. There are no separate visas for Bali or Jakarta, an Indonesian visa works here.

Package of documents for an Indonesian visa

· A copy of your passport.

· Copies of all visas for six months, or the last visa if available.

· A copy of the passport cover.

· Booked tickets.

· Information about the place of residence.

· Bank statement on the availability of USD 1,000 in the account.

· Photo 4 x 6 (digital).

· Certificate of good conduct.

How to apply

The application can be submitted through the official website of the Indonesian Embassy:

Making a visa and checking documents take about a week.

Call this phone to get advice on obtaining a visa to Indonesia.

Viber +375296104428

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